Customized Squire Affinity Strat

This guitar has had some different looks over the years. It was in a pawn shop when I found it. Originally black with a white pickguard and pickups, it was in rough shape. I stripped the old black and painted it graffiti yellow. Upgrades included a new neck and hardware and EMG pickups.

After a while, I decided I wanted a change. I had a metal Fender sign that had a graffiti yellow Strat with a black pickguard on it, so I modified mine to look like that sign. The guitar stayed like that for quite a while.

Once again, I decided to make some changes. With the death of Edward Van Halen, I became interested in making a tribute guitar. I decided to do the stripes and changed out the pickguard for a single humbucker design. So far, this is how it is staying. 🙂