Welcome to Robert Wood Guitars. I am a builder of electric guitars and basses. I can also customize your guitar with a new paint job, hardware, wiring: whatever you want! I also do repair work.

I have been a guitar player for over 40 years and have been building/ customizing guitars here in Oregon since 2014.

Since my earliest days with guitar, I’ve been interested in modifying and customizing. I started like most guitarists by swapping out pickups and upgrading hardware. In the late 1980’s I did my first custom paint job on an Ibanez Destroyer II (I still have that guitar btw!).

These days I build affordable, one of a kind, custom guitars to your specifications. We will discuss in detail what you want: body style/ wood, neck type, paint, pickups hardware… I will then put together a detailed quote (free of charge) of what your dream guitar will cost. New builds usually take about two months. I will send you progress pictures throughout the process.

I also love doing custom work, especially paint jobs. It’s a great way to bring new life to your old shredder and create something that is unique to you.

Take a look at my Gallery. It showcases some of the guitars I have built over the years. I can recreate one of those designs or we can discuss something new.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope we can work together to create the right guitar for you!